Max Himum


-  Virtual Career  -

Born on March 19, 1983, Max Himum is a 36 years old music artist who grew up in the Burgundy region of France.
Since his childhood, he has always been passionated about music and has composed since the age of 7 years.

Max Himum began his music career in 2012 with the release of several titles including " Dance with me girl ", but also more recently " No matter what ", " Sound session ", " Around cosmos " or " Opened river ". These titles have been integrated into films such as " Polyèdre Volume " a science-fiction feature film produced in 2016.

Techno, Hip Hop or movies soundtracks, Max Himum constantly diversifies his musical genre and distinguishes himself by the originality of his music.


-  Creators  -

Max Himum is more than an artist, he is an artificial human, the first French 3D CG virtual music artist created in 2012 by the four authors, Julie Heloïse, Johana Heloïse, Johan Heloïse and Janet Heloïse, who knew how to give life to this computer-generated character.


Music talent

2012 - 2014


Featured in films

2015 - 2018




Computer Generated EDM Artist

Stream the Best Electronic Dance Music by Max Himum, the 1st French virtual music artist