Max Himum

 Computer Generated Music Artist

Receive exclusive news from the 1st French virtual music artist and one of the best EDM Artist

Max Himum

Virtual Music Artist

Who is Max Himum ?

Max Himum is a Virtual Music Artist, Composer & Songwriter created by computer-generated imagery.


Max Himum is like a Japanese Virtual Popstar made in France.


As a top indie music artist, this artificial human composes all genre of music, Techno, Electro, EDM, Hip Hop and movies sountracks.


Get the top trending music right now with Max Himum, the First French Virtual Artist and best emerging music artist.

Max Himum, A Trending Artist With Emerging Technologies

Max Himum is the perfect definition of emerging technologies in the music industry.


This independent artist is an animated character, a digital avatar created since 2012 by French Artists, before the rise of Instagram virtual influencers, vtubers and virtual models.


Like any other best animated bands or virtual bands, Max Himum seduces, fascinates us and becomes the best french music artist you should know and work with for an innovative best online music collaboration.

EDM release

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By Max Himum

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What Makes Max Himum Different ?

4 Best Reasons Why You should Like, Listen and Collaborate with Max Himum

1 - A Virtual Music Artist

with Real Artist-Fan Relationship

Music joins Technologies but the Artist-Fan relationship stays the same.


   It's very important for me to stay close to my Fans.          Max Himum

2 - Get Hot New Music

Stream Best New Music by Max Himum, one of the best electronic dance music artist.

Techno, EDM, Hip Hop and more, just choose your genre and enjoy Max Himum music.

3 - An Awesome Movie Soundtracks Composer

Max Himum best hits are featured in movies such as Polyedre Volume a sci-fi feature film.

Around Cosmos, a special single to discover in this feature film and to appreciate in the blooper of this film.


This music was also chosen for the end credits of the film.

4 - Both Music Artist and Actor in 3D Animation Short Films

Discover 3D Animation Short Films with

Max Himum.


These short films are produced by J. Heloïse, the French Directors and Creators of the virtual character Max Himum.

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